Sunday, 25 March 2012

Adder 24.3.12.

Adders at a local forest today. Taken using canon 60mm macro lens. I quickly learned that this lens has a shallow depth of field meaning small apertures are a must in order to get the snake in focus across the frame. This means lower shutter speeds and tripod required. Problem was I didn't take a tripod head suitable for mounting either the lens or camera body. My tripod is set up for the 500mm lens which has a gimbal plate fitted. I did my best using the camera hand held. The lens seems a cracking lens despite me not been able to acheive quite the results I would have liked today. I couldn't quite get a small enough aperture hand held whilst keeping the shutter speed up and avoiding camera shake with no image stabalization facility on the lens. Still macro is pretty new to me, next time the camera will be on a suitable head and tripod mounted. Hopefully results will be better then. I did by the way try using the inbuilt flash which turned out to be way too harsh. I also pushed up the ISO which compromised the image quality.

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