Sunday, 5 February 2012

Treecreeper taken at Far Ings. Old Shot from Oct. Revisited.

A favourite shot from last year. I have never managed to capture detail before like this on a treecreeper. The light is perfect and the detail shows much better than on any other creeper shot I have. Also the bird landed very close which helps with small birds. Using a 500mm even at it's minimum focus distance still requires a crop of the shot because the subject is so small.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Far Ings and local. 3.2.12.

Plenty to see out and about today. Walked around the local wood and then headed to Far Ings and an hour in Ness hide. It was a cold day with good light. It was also that sort of day when you see things but never get a clean shot. Still I enjoyed today and thats what it's about. You can't expect to get perfect wildlfe shots to order. So from the top are Robin, Blue tit and Blackbird. Coots on Ice, Another record of my local resident roosting Tawny Owl, Bullfinch and a record shot of a Great Spotted Woodpecker. Plus a shot of the Humber Bridge from the humber forshore from the old cement works.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Teal and Goldeneye at Far Ings 1.2.12.

Quiet and cold at Far Ings this morning. A couple of hours in Ness hide yeilding nothing but the resident ducks,. Still the light was very good at times. Shame nothing less common showed up today.