Thursday, 15 September 2011

Goldcrest and Treecreeper at Far Ings today. 15.9.11.

I decided to look for these two species in the small thorn woods around the reserve today after a poor session in the hide. I knew it wouldn't be easy to get many decent shots of these two tricky species with the trees still in full leaf. Also I wondered if It might be a bit early as they are not as numerous here in the summer months.  To my surprise there were a few goldcrests on the reserve already. Not as easy to find yet though as they are in the winter. The treecreepers were not as evident, I only managed to track two birds down. They gave themselves away with the distinct shrill sound rather than thier musical song. I will look forward to trying again during the winter when the light penetrates the bare trees and these lovely birds roam the woods joining flocks of tits feeding.

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