Thursday, 19 May 2011

Far Ings N.R. 19.5.11.

Here's a few shots from this morning at Far Ings. From top to bottom are Reed Warbler, Great Tit, Swift and Marsh Harrier. I saw the Marsh Harrier from Ness hide on its regular tour or the reed bed four times during the morning. I left the hide at around Noon when the heat haze rising from the reed bed made photography a waste of time. The Swifts proved a challange as ever. Never easy to capture, but rewarding once photographed, to get a look at a bird that lives its life in the fast lane and even sleeps on the wing. The reed beds are alive with activity now with the Reed and Sedge Warber.  Blue Tits and Great Tits could also be seen taking insects from the reed stems. I also again saw what would appear through reports, and my own surery work, our last remaining Bearded Tit. A male bird searching in vain for a mate that it would seem, sadly does not exist.

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